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Legacy Project logoThe California Environmental Legacy Project is a new kind of educational media project. By combining artful storytelling and state-of-the-art digital media, the Legacy Project seeks to raise awareness and understanding about our changing natural environment. It brings together distinguished scientists, educators and media producers to create inspirational stories about California’s changing natural environment.

Legacy Project productions include Becoming California, a 2-hour documentary program on environmental change in California, a set of regional films produced for five park visitor centers around the state, and an interactive website with streaming video and social networking capabilities.

Narrated by Jane Fonda and with original music by Pat Metheny, Legacy Project productions will be the first to tell the grand story of environmental change in California, from colliding tectonic plates, to the community of life, human exploitation, coexistence and more.

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Watch as I join the film crew to capture dramatic aerial footage for Becoming California, the Legacy Project’s 2-hour PBS Documentary!


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